Internet Delivery Network

Built to help you maximize content value

In today’s market of fragmented audiences and huge volumes of content to choose from, infrastructure expense must be in line with revenue opportunity. Telstra’s Internet Delivery Network is a software-based content delivery platform designed to enable high quality video delivery and control of live broadcast stream to any Telstra-registered destination point, across the public internet.

Key features

Centralised Orchestration and Management

• A remote accessible centralised management system to easily configure new streams sources and destinations and managing services​

• Provides a unified management experienced with the ability to remotely manage edge devices

Customer Choice and Flexibility​

• Unparalleled interoperability provides customers the flexibility to use any edge device including BYO devices with extensive protocol support​

• Delivery to any endpoint anywhere provides endless possibilities and options

Enhanced Reliability​

• Redundant transmission modes with Active/Active, Multipathing or Load Balancing flows​

• Unparalleled resiliency with Hitless Failover at edge points​

• Low latency with Forward Error Correction (FEC) and recovery

Advanced ​Routing

• Integrates with the Cinegy Route’s Relay Service and Directory Server services to perform IP based stream routing functionality​

• Ability to create and manage virtual sources and destinations​

• Unicast and multicast support​

Centralised Monitoring​

• Central access point for monitoring live streams from all connected sources at scale​

• Detailed data including packet loss, video freeze, SCTE35 labels, bitrates, timestamp discontinuity, continuity counter / MLR to provide improved QoS and QoE


• Ability to generate reports on service usage, event details, TX reports and failed events


• Secure and protect video streams with AES or DLTS encryption


Increases revenue

More cost effective than traditional carriage services with a balance of premium service and economic delivery.

Reduce risk

Proof of performance model helps build confidence in a dynamic network environment.

Reduce time to market

Rapid deployment with flexible ingress and egress models including BYO media edge and cloud connectivity.

Increase access

Connect to a diverse range of new customers using the power of Telstra’s on-net and off-net platforms.

Why Telstra?

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Proven capabilities

As the chosen partner of the world’s leading broadcasters, Telstra Broadcast Operations delivers millions of hours of content a year to viewers all over the world.

Proven capabilities in remote production

Making new broadcast ideas reality

We continually invest in our networks, platforms and people, and our partnerships with customers, to turn ideas into new broadcast solutions.

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Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who can help you build complete, integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

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