Cloud visibility and control in one place

CloudHealth from Telstra offers a multi-cloud management platform that helps you analyse cost and performance, address governance concerns through policies and get actionable recommendations to make a meaningful impact to your business.

Key features

Visualise and report

Categorise and view your assets by any logical business group and create reports and dashboards to discover trends quickly.

Optimise and recommend

Get actionable recommendations to reduce cost and streamline performance.

Govern via policies

Define what your desired state in the cloud environment should be in, and be alerted anytime your cost, usage, configuration, performance or security drifts from this.


Drive accountability across the business

Develop clear visibility across your multiple clouds with line of business

Reduce your cloud costs

Understand and optimise your expenditure in the cloud through automation and actionable recommendations from the platform

Improve cross-collaboration within the business

Save hundreds of hours of employee time by taking away the need to work on menial tasks, allowing for greater focus on more strategic business priorities

Unlocking a more cost-effective public cloud for manufacturing

Discover how Cloud-based digital transformation is driving an enormous amount of innovation within the global manufacturing industry.

Frequently asked questions

Why Telstra

Control your clouds

Gain more control over your environments and services with our range of over-the-top cloud management software and services.

Get the most from your cloud infrastructure

Our expertise in architecting, deploying and managing cloud services means you can focus on driving performance and adapting to future business challenges.

Support every step of the way

Start your cloud journey the right way with expert advice on architecting and managing environments to suit your organisation’s objectives.