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Expanding network capabilities across a growing business

In the science of metrology - the study of measurement - calibrating units to ensure maximum precision and control is paramount. If a unit of measurement is even slightly unbalanced, it can have a ripple effect on the outcomes. The same can be said when it comes to implementing change within a business.

Renishaw is a global metrology specialist and also a world leader in spectroscopy and additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing). The company specialises in the design and development of solutions to provide unparalleled precision, control and reliability for the manufacturing and healthcare industries.


With around 5,000 employees located in 80 offices around the world, previous network solutions were no longer sufficient. Renishaw’s existing WAN network was due for renewal, and the company was looking at a technology refresh to meet the changing business needs of a rapidly growing company.

“Technologies such as Wide Area Network are absolutely essential to Renishaw. Our sales offices are predominantly overseas and they must connect with our manufacturing, development and marketing departments through our wide area network. We can’t operate in the way we do without high-performance global networks,” said Renishaw’s Group IT Development Manager Brian Lyall.

“We changed our internal architecture to become regionally focused. We deployed business applications, including sales, distribution and finance, centrally rather through the individual subsidiaries. And obviously that meant we depended more on a wide area network to make them work well.”

Explaining the importance of reliable connectivity, Renishaw’s IT Support Team Leader Gavin McLusky said: “We had one single circuit to each of our sites, and we have 48 overseas sites that are connected on the wide area network. If we had a problem then the site would be out for potentially a day, which for Renishaw is catastrophic.”

Key issues

  • Improving inter-regional collaboration through WAN networks
  • Elevating Renishaw’s global capabilities


The organisation was looking to upgrade to a globally managed, highly available and resilient SD-WAN and Wide Area Augmentation System solution that offered security, stability, increased bandwidth, minimal latency, improved uptime and a future-proof, cloud-ready network.

As part of the process we:

  • Provided a globally managed, highly available and resilient SD-WAN
  • Implemented a Managed WaaS solution for security, stability, increased bandwidth, minimal latency, improved uptime and a future-proof, cloud-ready network


Telstra developed a managed SD-WAN and managed WaaS solution for Renishaw that connects to 46 sites across the UK, Americas, EMEA and Australia, enabling better connections with colleagues, partners and customers around the world.

The SD-WAN solution provides secure, reliable, cost-effective and dedicated connectivity between Renishaw’s locations around the globe, enabling their teams to respond quickly to market opportunities. The network offers greater resilience with two links (Internet and MPLS) at each location and diverse routing through different local providers.


Global employees





Lessons learnt along the way

To prepare Renishaw for its digital transformation journey, Telstra bundled Internet into the solution for improved systems performance. Telstra was also able to improve Renishaw’s business agility by offering options to easily increase global capacity according to business demand.

“Now with Telstra's improved reporting we can actually see the traffic that is traversing the network,” explained Gavin. “The future of technology at Renishaw is cloud-based. There are very few systems in the next 10 years that will be on premise, so having a wide area network with almost 100 percent uptime is critical to the business.”

Renishaw is redesigning the network to help the company connect critical departments, with a view to maximising business productivity and performance. With a reliable delivery model, Renishaw’s network will strongly position the business to thrive amidst future challenges.

How we built the solution

Managed SD-WAN

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