International Private Line (IPL)

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Secure, dedicated bandwidth to meet your business needs

International Private Line (IPL) offers secure and dedicated reliable bandwidth for mission-critical applications. IPLs are ideal for financial, information technology and professional services organisations that deal with sensitive data and require bandwidth between two key business locations.

Key features

A wide range of bandwidths, from E1 to STM64/OTN

Range of different services to meet current and anticipated network requirements from traditional transmission needs to tomorrow’s Ethernet and OTN bandwidths.

Service level agreements

Provides you with service levels for delivery, availability and RTD.

Extensive global coverage

Dedicated point-to-point connection between two geographically disparate locations.

Established relationships with local providers

Assures you of cost-effective local access and comprehensive in country support providing critical diversity options for risk management.

Protected and restored service options

Select more resilient and high-availability services for mission critical requirements.

24X7 customer service and monitoring

Access specialist technical support and your performance portal whenever you need it, plus cable path monitoring.



Layer one connectivity provides the ability to run various protocols across a single service


Protection and restoration options between key geographic locations across diverse cable systems


Dedicated bandwidth reservation and separation


Investments in over 20 sub-sea cable systems globally

Telstra Network and Infrastructure Map

Learn more about our truly global network—one that spans across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

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Why Telstra

Extensive, fast and reliable network

Connect to new opportunities around the world with a subsea cable network that reaches more than 400,000km – enough to circle the world almost 10 times. You can access more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally, on a network consistently ranked amongst Asia’s most peered IP networks by Dyn’s Internet Intelligence.

A network to rely on

We monitor our network around the clock with dedicated operating centres using advanced management systems. We can provide helpdesk support and proactive response to manage problems as they happen and restore services.

Our best-of-breed approach

Working with us means you also benefit from our established relationships with leading global technology providers and strong support by local channels and partners.

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